Unravel Love's Mystery
by David Youngren

This book shows you how to live without guilt, shame and fear through Christ.

“I’ve never read a book like this! David Youngren’s amazing book has helped me understand how to finally be free from religious shame, guilt, and fear…and live an amazing life.” – Dr. Larry Keefauver, Best Selling International Author and Teacher

Paperback Cover - $16.99
E-Book Version - $8.99
Reading this Book you will…
  • Unlock keys to personal transformation
  • Receive a whole new perspective on the dangers of dogmatic religion
  • Be set free from the living hell of trying “to be good enough” to be accepted by God and people
  • Discover how to live an amazing life without guilt, shame and fear
  • Unravel the mystery of experiencing unconditional love

Is there a better way to live than what religion has traditionally taught us? Can we really enjoy heaven’s reality here on earth every day?

Not only is there a life available beyond anything you have ever imagined, suggests David Youngren, but you can enjoy that wonderful and exhilarating life here and now. 

Plunged into a dark night of the soul-on the brink of financial ruin, plagued by cluster headaches that left him helpless for days, and drowning in self-doubt, David Youngren felt he could never measure up to the person he wanted to be. When a full-blown miracle proved that the answers were out there, Youngren began seeking the truth; the answers flowed in and love’s mystery unraveled.

Paperback Cover - $16.99
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E-Book Version - $8.99
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