The 40 Day Transformational Challenge
Awaken To Christ In You, And Break Through All Your Limitations! 
 40 Daily Life Changing Teaching
 40 Day Journal
 6 Weeks of Christ-Centered Meditations
 Plus Bonus Meditations
The Secret To The Success Of Amazing Life... 

Transformation is more than an intellectual agreement with a set of beliefs. The real place of change must happen in your unconscious mind (heart). Your thoughts and your actions are simply a by-product of the beliefs of your heart.

Since your heart controls your feelings, and these feelings direct your thoughts and actions, the real place of transformation is your heart. When the deepest places in your unconscious mind permeate with a deep awareness of the love of Christ, then your subconscious sense of identity aligns itself with God's reality - "Christ in you." That's when new self-beliefs, free from fear and insecurities, will emerge and break all your limitations.

On that day when I was healed of cluster headaches, I realized that the entrance to my unconscious mind was my imagination. My imagination had to align itself with my conscious beliefs about Jesus.

So when I was inspired to put this program together, I created a simple three step approach that first deals with your conscious beliefs through Christ centered teachings. Then I guide you in meditation to help you align your imagination with peace, grace and love found in Christ. Lastly, we reinforce the new beliefs being programmed into your heart through a daily journal.

Within days of following these three easy daily steps, you will begin to feel different. You will soon notice a new you emerge free from fear, guilt and shame. Rather than plagued by worry, anxiety, insecurities and so many of these other debilitating emotions, new feelings based on peace, joy, love will effortlessly emerge continually. It will affect every aspect of your life, including your health, finances and relationships.

What People Are Saying:

As a child, I was a victim of sexual abuse…And as a teenager I spent a few months in an orphanage… For as long as I can remember I have had nightmares every night. I’m now 46 years of age…It has been about 5 months since I started your Amazing Life program. After the first day, the nightmares were different – more distant, like they couldn’t touch me anymore. After 3 or 4 days they were gone all together…never to return. My life has changed dramatically. I feel light and free like never before. - Lois Wal

Through the program negative images are being erased, and replaced with His image and His view of me, my life and ultimate purpose! - Anita Robutka

The presence and love of Jesus is so overwhelming. And the amazing part is not just the spiritual experience of peace and joy (which cannot be substituted), but it is how it’s permeating every area of our lives – business, every day life…a heavy, heavy favor! Adam Hadznik

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